Proudly developing marine platforms in Canada with decades of experience.

Vector Powerboats started in 2006, when a group of individuals with a wealth of industry experience came together with the intention of developing innovative go-fast marine platforms. 


Vector Powerboats began by developing the famous 'B28' powerboat into a consumer platform.  The B28 design was penned by class-leading designer Ocke Mannerfelt in the early 90's and won the 1995 Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award.  The B28 was the first powerboat to use a stepped hull - aiding speed and stability.  The V-280R arrived in 2007 as the first platform developed by Vector Powerboats; setting the scene for Vectors specialization in velocity on water.  With a constant focus on development, the V-280R become renowned for speed, stability, and when the unexpected strikes, safety.


By 2008 Vector decided to pursue a larger marine platform, and so development began on the V-40.  The prototype race boat was introduced in 2009, with several pleasure and commercial variants being produced in the subsequent years.  As of 2020, Vector Powerboats is focused on supplying commercial operators with the Interceptor platforms they need to get the job done.  All the while, continuing to provide a luxury consumer experience with our pleasure offerings, and proving the platform via the crucible of racing.