900 HP    |    110 MPH*

“The design of this boat is brilliant, and the way Vector maintained such attention to detail and quality throughout the building process is exceptional”

     - HotBoat

“Our lead inspector called the fit and finish amazing. He gave the boat a perfect score of 10 when it came to quality of construction and attention to detail”

     - Powerboat

“Our lead test driver ran the V280 Type R up to 114.6 MPH at 5900 RPM. The Vector V280 Type R is the best 28’ vee-bottom boat we’ve tested to date”

The V-280R is based upon the design of the B28 by Ocke Mannerfelt. The B28 won the Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award in 1995, and backed that up with the 4-Litre UIM World Championship in offshore racing in 1996. Similar B-designs from Ocke Mannerfelt have won twelve overall Worlds in offshore racing. First displayed in the United States at the Miami Boat Show in 1994, it was one of the original designs to utilize a stepped hull.

The B28 became the new icon for efficiency and performance, and was actually banned for five years in APBA offshore racing because it was too fast and gave the rest of the fleet no competition. This ban was due to an over 5-minute lead on its competitors in each race, seeing speeds as high as the American World Speed record for A-class boats. The B28 design is protected by a United States patent, and Vector Powerboats is the sole licensee of this design.  This is the history of the V-280R.

* With available 900 horsepower Supercharged V8.  725 horsepower Ilmore V10 option available.